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Join 2017 membership now and save, Altogether, member saves about $150 - $180 per year.

Reason to become 2017 IAC member: just $70.00 per year for family of four (2 kids). $700 per family for life time

  1. Enjoy community and celebrate seven different event
  2. Five events absolutely free --- average cost about $180.00 per membership. based on family of four
    1. Two picnics - Free
    2. Diwali - Free
    3. Holi – Free
    4. Health fair – Free – Donation may require.

ADDITIONAL SAVING: This year Garba is schedule for two days – Non-members pay $ 35 – members pay $20 per person.


Choose Membership Pack:

$700 / Life-time (Self & Spouse + Two Kids)
$70 / Family Membership (Self & Spouse + Two Kids)
$20 / Student Member
$50 / per Additional member

* $50 Additional if Lifetime / $10 Additional if Family Membership

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Check by Mail
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Make check payable to:
IAC (Indian Association of Carolina),
Mail to: IAC, P.O. Box 25591,
Winston-Salem, NC 27114

   Note: Membership is not transferable.
Benefits include:
  • Your membership and Donations/Contributions are tax exempt.
  • Free entrance to Core Events (Navratri, Picnic, Sports Tournaments and Diwali)*
  • Access to advertise personal business on IAC website, annual directory and event flyers.
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